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Travel Medicine

Our aim is to ensure you remain well when you travel.

When you contact us requesting travel vaccines a receptionist will ask you some details, i.e Where you are travelling too ? When you are travelling ? Types of accommodation you intend to use etc. This information is forwarded to Dr Paul Grant and he assesses the information you have provided and decides what vaccinations you should get, when you should get them and the cost. A receptionist will then contact you and offer you an appointment. Your appointment will consist of :

A consultation with the doctor to discuss the details of your trip

Written advice on malaria protection tablets, if they are required, including side-effects, cost and when and how to take them

A prescription for malaria protection tablets, if they are needed

A prescription for some ‘standby’ (or first aid) medicines, in case you need them

A completed vaccine record booklet 

The vaccinations you require

Answers to any questions you might have

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