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Family Planning

Planning the right time to start or add to your family can be quite stressful and the endless supply of new and available products can be very confusing. What’s safe and appropraite in one case may not be in another. Avoidance of pregnancy may involve non hormonal natural methods, barrier methods, short or long term hormonal contraception or permanent sterilisation.

All of our doctors and nurses hold family planning certificates and are well equipped to counsel and prescribe the full range of contraception available. Dr Ciara Steele advises on the Implant contraceptive devise and the Mirena Intra-Uterine Contraceptive system.

If you have discovered you are pregnant and did not plan to be this can be very distressing. Our doctors and nurses offer confidential and supportive advice on all options that are available to you in your pregnancy. Make an appointment by ringing our reception staff.

Useful Links and Documents

Irish Family Planning Association

Think Contraception

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